Character Scenes Report

The Character Scenes report allows you to isolate scenes with Dialogue for specific characters. It is especially useful during Production when you may need to send an actor only the scenes with their dialogue.

To create a Character Scenes report:

  1. Tools > Reports > Character Scenes
  2. Check the box next to the character (or characters) whose scenes you wish to isolate.
  3. Select View
  4. Scenes that contain the specified characters will appear highlighted in the Scene Cards to the right of the script, and only those scenes will be visible to you in the main script. Click the highlighted scene cards to switch between the character scenes.
  5. To close the Character Scenes report, click the ‘x’ next to ‘Character Scenes’ found in the 'Modes' tab to the right of the document. 

Note: To quickly check the boxes next to all the characters in the script, check the box next to ‘All characters’.

Note: When you check multiple characters, the default is to show scenes with ANY of the characters you have checked. If you wish to view only the scenes that include ALL of the characters you have checked:

  • Select ‘All’ next to where it says ‘For multiple characters, scenes with:’
  • Check the boxes next to the characters you wish to isolate, and select View
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