List of Shots - Pro Feature

What does it do?

This report will show all Shot lines, which should be few and far between. It is especially useful during production for those who only need to see lines pertaining to shooting. 
* Note: This feature is available with a paid subscription.  Update  your subscription today!

Generate a List of Shots

  1. Select Reports > List of Shots
  2. The open script will now only show the selected characters' dialogue and View Dialogue Report will show as active in the Modes widget on the right of the display.
    1. To retain the content as is, export as a PDF
    2. A Document Statistics report or any other report can be run on it. 
    3. Editing this content will apply to the main document as this is only a filtered view of the main document's contents.
    4. To return to the full script, close the report in the Modes widget.
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