PDF w/ notes

This report will generate a PDF of the script including any notes that have been added to the script, including in-line notes found within the script’s body, as well as embedded notes found to the left of lines in the margin. Personal notes that have been added in the right sidebar's 'Private Pad, Comments & Docs' tab will not be included in this report.

Each writer can be assigned a color so it is easy to distinguish who wrote each note. This report will be pulled for the current document that is open. To change projects, go to File > Open and select the desired document.

To generate PDF w/ Notes report:

  1. Reports > PDF w/ Notes
  2. Select color for in-line notes, or uncheck the box if these notes are not to be included in the report.
  3. Select color for notes from the margin, or uncheck the box.
  4. Assign a color for each writer using the drop-down list if there are multiple writers.
  5. ‘Show name’ is automatically selected if there are multiple writers, and will add to the report the name of the writer who contributed each note.
  6. ‘Time’ will show the time a note was added if selected.
  7. Press Download
  8. PDF can be saved or sent as desired. (This PDF can always be imported into WriterDuet at a later date as a new document if needed.)
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