Delete a project

If desired script is already opened:

  1. File > Delete
  2. Enter login password or follow authentication steps
  3. Select ‘Delete’

If desired script is not already opened:

  1. File > Open
  2. Locate the script and click on the trash can icon in the bottom of the portfolio
  3. Enter login password or follow authentication steps
  4. Select 'Delete'

Note: Once a script is deleted from an account, the user is no longer able to download old versions, so be sure to save a backup copy in another location. You may still be able to find backups under Help > Locally Saved Backups. You can clear those backups by logging out under Help > Logout (but then they're super gone).

Note: Sometimes it can take a moment to fully delete the project, and it will still display the 'are you sure you want to delete?' popup after you've already authenticated. Just wait a moment in this instance.

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