Open a Project


File > New opens a blank screenplay and automatically begins with a new Scene line.


File > Open opens your web portfolio. Every script that exists in WriterDuet exists here. Select your desired script to automatically begin where the previous session ended.

Open is also where scripts can be managed, moved, renamed and deleted


Archiving a project allows you to clean up your portfolio without permanently deleting projects. This might prove useful in a case where your project is rarely accessed and is cluttering your portfolio.
To archive a project, navigate to your portfolio (File > Open), right-click the desired project and select "Archive".
To navigate to a project in your archive, press the "Open Archive" button along the bottom toolbar of your portfolio. To move a project back to your portfolio from the archive, right-click the desired project and select "Move to Portfolio", or select the desired project and press the "Move to Portfolio" button. To return to your portfolio, press the 'Open Portfolio' button. 
Note: If you have a WriterDuet Free account, archived projects still count toward your 3 project limit.
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