Title Page (File > Title Page)

The title page is often the first page of a script. It typically includes the title of the script, as well as the names and contact information of the writers (but doesn't count as page 1).

To edit the Title Page:

  1. File > Title Page (or click the word Untitled in the top right corner)
  2. Edit Title Page as desired
  3. Additional pages can be added by entering down to create lines to a new page.

Note: The Title Page and the project name are usually linked and have the same name. For instance, when beginning a new project, the project name would be edited under File > Rename. If the associated checkbox is selected, the project name will be populated on the Title Page.

The name of the project can also be added by updating the Title Page first. The algorithm takes the line with the Title line type (in the left line type bar), or if there isn't one, it takes the first centered line with content and assumes this is the title.

To delete a blank page from the Title Page, delete the lines on the page.


To add a custom title page created in another program:

1. Go to Customize > PDF 

2. Check the 'custom title page' checkbox 

3. Upload a PDF of your custom title page  

This will uncheck the 'basic title page' checkbox automatically so as to replace your title page doc with the custom one. That said, you can re-check that checkbox to include both. 

The Title Page doc will still reflect your basic title page no matter what you've set up, but on PDF export the custom title page will be appended to the front of your exported document. 

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