Troubleshooting Tips

If you are experiencing a problem or bug, we want to get you back to writing as soon as possible. We find that trying these things solves a lot of issues:

1)  Refresh your browser twice in a row - You might be on an older version of the WriterDuet browser app, refreshing the browser twice in a row will force the update. Any fixes that have already been made to the app will now be running for you. Note: If you're using the desktop application, see if the issue reproduces in a browser such as Google Chrome at all. 

2)  Sign into a private or incognito browser window - If the problem is solved in incognito/private mode, and if everything looks up-to-date there, going back to your regular browser window and signing out and back in will clear the cache and should resolve your problem. Just make sure that all of your content is as you expect it in the incognito/private browser window, because logging out in your regular browser window will clear all of your offline backups. 

3) Try going to File > Duplicate Document > Without Line History. This will create a duplicate project that you can navigate to under File > Open. Since it doesn't have any of the history, it is a smaller file that will be much less likely to hit issues during load, or any one-off issues with corrupt project or history data. 

If these steps don't work for you, email us at with the browser/app and device/operating system that you are using. Let us know what steps you have taken so far and attach any screenshots you can that might help explain the issue. 

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