Duplicating a script or document

This feature creates a duplicate copy of a project that is currently open. The two files will not be linked, so any changes to one copy will not update the other.

  1. File > Duplicate > With History
  2. The project will open automatically in a new editor tab, and will be available henceforth under File > Open (choose the newly created copy, with the time stamp appended to the project name from the time of duplication)

You can duplicate With or Without History in the menu. Duplicating With History maintains the entire timeline of edits for the project, so that you can still recover old lines, etc. Duplicating Without History will simply cover over the text to a new project, which can be nice for starting fresh, sharing a version that doesn't have line history, or renewing for a lightning-fast copy of your project that isn't bogged down with any extra memory. 

Note: It is recommended to rename the duplicate file to avoid confusion later. Also, duplication is a Pro-only feature.

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