Naming a project

There are two distinctions here: the project name (essentially the file name and will be the file name during the backup process from the Desktop version) and the script/document title. These two names are usually synced together to be the same, however it is possible for them to be different if desired.

To name/rename a project that is synced to the Title Page and script title:

  1. File > Rename
  2. Type name of script
  3. Be sure ‘Update title page’ is selected. This will automatically update the Title Page.    
  4. Select ‘Rename’
  5. If the Title Page is opened at this point under File>Title Page or by clicking the Title in the top right corner, the script title will have been updated as well.

Note: at this point, the two names are synced. If the script title is changed in the Title Page, the Project name will automatically change.

Name/rename project that is not synced to the Script Title

There are circumstances when it would be useful for the project name and the script name be different. An example would be if writers are exploring a few different story line options. The script name would be the same, but there may be a few different versions. Naming these versions to be easily distinguishable from each other will help resolve future confusions between scripts. For instance, we are writing a screenplay for WriterDuet Movie, however we have not decided if we want to write it from the customer or developer perspective. The Title Page in each version would still be WriterDuet Movie, but there we would have one project named WriterDuet Movie Customer Version and another named WriterDuet Movie Developer Version.

  1. File > Rename
  2. Type name of project
  3. Be sure ‘Update title page’ is not selected so the Title Page retains the old name.     
  4. Select ‘Rename'


  1. File > Open
  2. Shift+click on project to be renamed
  3. Type name of project
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